Island Council Delegation Bonaire will soon to provide report on Åland Islands visit

The delegation of the Island Council had several meetings during the visit to the autonomous region

KRALENDIJK – A delegation from the Island Council has concluded a visit to the Åland region, an archipelago with its own governance under the Constitution of Finland and part of its sovereign territory.

Åland is one of the most studied political structures in the world. Every year, delegations from various countries visit Åland to familiarize themselves with the constitutional status of the region, which enjoys a relatively high degree of autonomy within Finland.

The council delegation stated that they had in-depth discussions during the visit with the governor, vice premier, parliament speaker, members of parliament, minister of environment and infrastructure, police commissioner, the management of the public radio and television broadcast, and representatives of the Åland Peace Institute; an NGO expert in self-governance that serves as an advisor to various countries and regions around the world.

Detailed statement

The delegation from the Island Council of Bonaire will soon provide a more detailed statement on the working visit to Åland. Following the visit to Åland, the delegation will participate in the congress of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) in Groningen, with several meetings also scheduled in The Hague.

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