Island Council Meetings Bonaire Return to Passangrahan

KRALENDIJK – As of this week, Island Council meetings are once again being held in the Passangrahan building as usual. 

The extensive maintenance work in the meeting room has recently been completed. Last Wednesday, the first meeting took place, the solemn public meeting in connection with the celebration of Dia di Boneiru and the 72nd anniversary of the Bonaire Island Council. 

Since the maintenance work was completed, Passangrahan now has new and more professional audiovisual equipment, with various upgrades including Full HD video signal, the possibility to participate remotely in the meetings, and so-called ‘name tags’ that ensure that the speakers are now visible with their name and party name. In addition, the new system offers several modern features.


Viewers can easily find a specific segment via the website (webcasting) through bullets that are created for each interaction during the meetings. It is also possible to share a particular section with others without having to watch the entire recording. The meetings are streamed by Company Web Casting and can still be followed live on various platforms, including the website, the YouTube page of Konseho Insular (Island Council), as well as the television channels Nos Tv and Dutch Caribbean TV.

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