Island Council of Bonaire Irritated by Hospital Board’s Arrogance

Councilman Junny Wout gets the audience laughing with the remark that invitations from Fundashon Mariadal are pointless because they never show up.

KRALENDIJK- The vast majority of the Island Council is fed up with what is described as the arrogant and obstinate attitude of Fundashon Mariadal.

This became apparent during a meeting Thursday afternoon of the standing council committee on Society & Care, where, among other things, the issues with the emergency air transport of patients were discussed.

The island council members more than once expressed their irritation at the fact that the management of Mariadal consistently refuses to accept invitations from the Island Council to provide explanations about the policies and choices made.

Although the hospital is formally not required to provide any account to either the Executive Council or the Island Council, Council members are still not pleased with Mariadal’s stance. “It’s about our people,” was a remark heard several times during the meeting.

Council lady Daisy Coffie (M21) indicated that the management of Mariadal is so arrogant that they don’t even bother to respond to an invitation or to cancel if they are unable to attend.

Although Council lady Yona Chirino (UPB) agreed with the criticism of the hospital’s attitude, she still believed that one last attempt should be made to have the hospital administrators themselves provide explanations to the island council.


At this point, Councilman Wout (MPB) asked for the floor. “Why do we even invite them if we already know in advance that they won’t come, Madam Chair?” was Wout’s equally passionate and rhetorical question, which made everyone present burst into laughter. Ultimately, the majority of the committee agreed to make one last attempt to hear from Mariadal in the island council.

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