Island Governor Oleana: Press of great importance to Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Governor Nolly Oleana says he attaches great value to the role of the press on the island and assumes that the press does its work with integrity and conscience.

The governor responded to written questions from the MPB faction in the island council. The MPB faction asked their questions following a critical piece by Interim Clerk Arjan de Wolff, which was seen as an attack on press freedom on the island, with the first citizen also being implicated.

“Are you willing to address the media in a public statement, emphasizing the importance of press freedom for the proper functioning of the democratic order in Bonaire?” MPB wanted to know from Oleana.

Great importance

“I assume that the press knows its role, task, and responsibility and carries out its activities with integrity and conscience and in an objective manner, and I attach great importance to that,” said the governor in his response dated April 22, 2024.

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