Island Governor Rijna takes part in Health Study

Island Governor Edison Rijna gave the good example by coming in to Jeugdhuis Jong Bonaire and participate in the Bonaire Health Study. Photo: Government of Bonaire.

Kralendijk – In the afternoon of last Wednesday, Island-Governor Edison Rijna has taken part in the Bonaire Health Study at Jonghuis Jong Bonaire. The Governor, like 4999 other residents on the island, received a letter inviting him to take part of the health study.

Rijna said he found it important to give the good example to participate in the health study, which is important for the whole island. Rijna also called on others to make the effort and to come in to contribute to the success of the study.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 13, there is an additional opportunity to come in at Jeugdhuis Jong Bonaire to participate in the study. This is especially intended for those who may have difficulty to come in during normal working hours on working days.

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