James Kroon resigns as political leader of UPB party

KRALENDIJK – After a period of about 12 years, James Kroon will step down as political leader of the Union Patriótiko Boneriano (UPB). 

During a meeting with, among others, the board of UPB on Saturday, Kroon submitted his letter of resignation as political leader of UPB. At the time, Kroon took over from former political leader Ramonsito Booi and political leader ad interim Elvis Tjin Asjoe.

Ramonsito Booi had been at the helm of the green party for 14 years at that time. Booi succeeded Rudy (Ruman) Ellis, who led the party for no less than 27 consecutive years.

In a press release sent out on Saturday evening, the UPB Kroon said it was immensely grateful for the time in which he led the party. “It was not an easy period for UPB. Nevertheless, James has kept UPB strong, active and relevant. One of his achievements was certainly to maintain a period of political stability on Bonaire on the island, according to the UPB press release.

Interim leader

After Kroon’s resignation, Maritsa Silberie will be the interim political leader of UPB until a new leader is identified and appointed.

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