JetAir Caribbean contemplates return to Aruba and Bonaire

WILLEMSTAD – No one can deny that JetAir Caribbean is keeping things exciting, when it comes to their future plans.

While the airline recently announced the temporary suspension of almost all destinations, except for Sint Maarten and Medellin, for the lack of their own aircraft; now, not only are they considering restoring the recently suspended routes, but also launching several new routes.

The airline is also contemplating a return to new destinations, including Bonaire and Aruba. Although JetAir flew to Aruba for a considerable time, the airline seemed to have a false start on the route between Curaçao, Aruba, and especially Bonaire. The route to Bonaire was discontinued after only a few weeks.


The airline also mentions that it is busy acquiring new aircraft to replace its only remaining Fokker 70 aircraft.

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