Jetair Caribbean is facing a fresh wave of complaints; not a single aircraft operational

The only operational plane of the company is on the ground due to technical issues. Photo: ABC Online Media

WILLEMSTAD/KRALENDIJK – Since the weekend, several Jetair passengers have been stranded in various locations abroad due to the airline’s only operational aircraft being grounded for unplanned maintenance. 

Flights to destinations such as Medellín, Sint Maarten, and Aruba have been affected. While the airline typically provides minimal information, ABC Online Media understands that there is an issue with one of the engines of the Fokker 70 aircraft, which cannot be promptly resolved. The current plan is to retrieve an engine from the other non-operational aircraft in the hope of getting the remaining operational Fokker back in the air. 

Unfortunately, it may take several more days before the plane is operational again. 


Numerous complaints have surfaced on various social media platforms, with passengers expressing frustration over the lack of assistance. Some passengers stranded in Medellín have reportedly been informed that there is no immediate solution, and they must arrange tickets with another airline themselves. This has left the affected passengers feeling abandoned by Jetair. Additionally, most passengers have not had accommodations arranged for them regarding hotel stays.

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