Joint action aims to make Bonaire cleaner

Illegal dumping is an increasing and every more serious problem. Photo's: Government of Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – A joint action involving Selibon, the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), and the Foundation Bonaire Limip i Bunita aims to make the island cleaner once again. Information about the initiative was provided on Monday morning by the three organizations.

While Bonaire used to be praised as the cleanest island in the former Netherlands Antilles, that is no longer the case. The abundance of litter on the island and the illegal dumping of garbage and debris in nature have become a major concern for many.

The joint action is now intended to result in less litter in nature. As part of the campaign, a Bonaire Cleanup Day will be organized, the landfill will be accessible free of charge for a few weeks, and Selibon will carry out neighborhood clean-up activities.


Additionally, Selibon aims to actively support citizens’ initiatives. “We urge all organizations planning to organize a clean-up action in their neighborhood or those who wish to participate in this campaign to contact us via the email address, so that we can provide assistance or contribute to these initiatives,” said the waste management company.

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