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Joint Enforcement Inspections Carried out at Flamingo Airport

Kralendijk- The Royal Dutch Military Police (Marechaussee, Customs Caribbean Netherlands and Bonaire International Airport (BIA) carried out a joint enforcement inspection at Bonaire International Airport, on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th of December.

This action of the two largest enforcement partners at the airport is an intensification of the already close cooperation between Customs Caribbean Netherlands and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.

The enforcement action took place between 6 AM  December 11th and 6 AM December 12th, at and around the airport. Purpose of the action: strengthening of the airport processes and safeguarding the security and integrity of the airport.


The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Customs Caribbean Netherlands and BIA, during this day of action, carried out checks both in the process of passengers and goods. They monitored the civil aviation security, including the access and use of access badges of Bonaire International Airport (BIA), border control where the focus was among others on documents of people travelling in and out. The import, transit and export of goods (baggage/cargo) was also checked.

In the action, about 30 members of the Royal Military Marechaussee, Customs Caribbean Netherlands and BIA were deployed. There was an interception of an amount of 15,000 USD which was not reported. There was also an interception of an amount of 14,800 USD which was neither reported.  There was no indication of money laundering, the passengers were then asked to fill in forms for the MOT.

Furthermore this action has brought a lot of information for the Royal Military Marechaussee,  Customs Caribbean Netherlands and BIA. The action has shown that cooperation between the Royal Military Marechaussee, Customs Caribbean Netherlands and BIA certainly adds value. Therefore, in the future the action will certainly be continued.

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