Joint inspections conducted at hospitality establishments in Bonaire

The inspections are carried out by employees of KPCN, fire department and inspectors of Bonaire Government. Photo: KPCN

KRALENDIJK- In the past weeks, inspections have been carried out at hospitality establishments located on Kaya Grandi and Kaya Hermandad. 

The inspections were conducted by a multidisciplinary team consisting of employees from the Inspection and Enforcement Department of the Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB), the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department (BKCN), and the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN).

During these inspections, the various agencies assessed whether the safety measures are being adhered to correctly. BKCN, among other things, checked the fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and emergency exits, and measured the spaces to determine the maximum number of people allowed inside. Furthermore, owners were requested to make adjustments to certain safety measures.

Continued Efforts

The inspections will continue in the coming weeks at various hospitality establishments to ensure the safety of everyone.

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