Jos Hillen New Interim Director Flamingo Airport

BIA’s new Managing Director, Ir. Jos Hillen, together with Commissioner of Economic Affairs, Elvis Tjin Asjoe.
By René Zwart

Kralendijk - Ir. J.G. (Jos) Hillen has been nominated by the Supervisory Board of Bonaire International Airport (BIA) as new interim director of the Government-owned corporation. 
Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe welcomes the nomination. "During my working visit to The Hague I had a very pleasant meeting with Mr. Hillen. Given his expertise and experience, he is the right man at the right time in the right place. There is a lot to do at BIA, because a lot of work has remained after the departure of the entire management and Supervisory Board in 2017", said Tjin Asjoe.
Groningen Airport
Hillen worked at Rijkswaterstaat from 1975 to 1995 where he held the position of deputy director of Infrastructure and Building Policy. From 1995 to 1 June this year he was a senior partner at the renowned consultancy firm Twijnstra Gudde. In the past 24 years, he has led several major infrastructure projects on an interim basis.
The aviation sector has few secrets for him. Hillen (who holds a pilot's license) was involved in the transition from the Twente military airbase to a civilian airport and was interim director of Groningen Airport Eelde from 2009 to 2012.
"The main task of Mr. Hillen is to make a start for the necessary professionalization of the BIA organization. The airport is the most important engine of our economy, so we have to make sure that we follow up with international developments.
In addition to their expertise and experience, Mr. Hillen and the new Supervisory Board have a large network in the aviation world and related sectors that we, Bonaire, can take advantage of, "said Tjin Asjoe.
The appointment of takes effect on July 1 and is provisional for the duration of six months. "The Supervisory Board will soon start recruiting a permanent management, but first a job profile will be drawn up that is in line with the initial findings and recommendations of the interim director.
"The importance of the airport is too great to waste time, so Mr. Hillen will also take the first steps to make the BIA organization future-proof, "said Tjin Asjoe. 

Wonderful island
"I know the Caribbean part of the Kingdom quite well. I have been to Curaçao and Aruba a number of times and have vacationed twice on Bonaire. I think it is a wonderful island", said Jos Hillen.

"Aviation is a fascinating world and an airport is an essential part of society, certainly for an island. That I may manage an airport for the second time In this case an intercontinental, I find a nice end to my career. What I have heard from deputy Tjin Asjoe and read in the documents I can express my experience at BIA. Of course in collaboration with others, because only you can never make such a job a success. I am really looking forward to getting started", according to the new interim director.

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