Justice transfers two people from Saba to Bonaire

Last Friday, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) BES, two people were transferred from Saba to the Judicial Organization (Justitiële Inrichting) in Bonaire. The transfer was executed by personnel of the police-unit of the Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland.

The woman with the initials G.G. who was arrested on Saturday, August 19, suspected of attempted slaughter was transferred to Bonaire. She is a suspect in a stabbing-incident on the Windwardside.

In addition, the man with the initials C.J.N.I. was transferred to Bonaire. He was released earlier from his imprisonment on the basis of a decision of the Minister of Justice. However, after being suspected of a new criminal offense, the Minister decided to withdraw the early liberty decision. The man I. was transferred to Bonaire to expel the remainder of his previously imposed punishment.

In the meantime, the judge commissioned the provisional detention of the woman G.G. on 29 August. However, her personal interests are decisive, the provisional detention has also been suspended by the court. That is, the judge-in-law considers that there is a serious suspicion, but that under strict conditions it is possible to wait in liberty for the criminal prosecution. The OM BES is considering an appeal against the decision of the judge of instruction in this case, to suspend the provisional detention. The investigation continues and she remains a suspect in the case.

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