Justice triangle about public violence: ‘Stop filming and call the Police’

KRALENDIJK- The Justice Triangle on Bonaire, consisting of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN), the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Entity Bonaire are concerned about increasing violence on the streets.

That is what the Triangle says in response to the violent fight in the center of Kralendijk that took place last week. Two of the perpetrators have now been arrested for their part in the case.

The triangle is concerned about the behavior of some bystanders during violent incidents. “Instead of intervening, offering help to victims or calling the police, they spend their time filming the violence and posting the videos on social media. This act is not only completely disrespectful to victims and other people in the picture, but also does not contribute to a pleasant nightlife climate and a safe Bonaire,” according to the three organizations.


Acting Lieutenant Governor Nolly Oleana is upset about last week’s incident: “Some people on Bonaire may not have it easy. Maybe they drink too much or use narcotics. That is not okay, but that should NEVER be a reason or cause for the use of violence. Respect each other, or at least tolerate each other,” says Oleana. He calls on citizens to discuss the subject with each other.

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