Kickoff for Construction of new SGB building

Impression of the new building, designed by Jacobs Architecten. Photo: SGB

KRALENDIJK- On Monday various entities, including the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, the public entity Bonaire (OLB), and Fundashon Propiedat Inmobil Boneiru (FPIB), have initiated the much-anticipated project. The aim is to create a modern educational facility to meet the growing needs of the island.

During the initial phase, activities such as the demolition of the auditorium are taking place to make way for the planned new construction. This marks the beginning of a modernization era for the SGB location at Kaya Frater Odulfinus. To ensure a smooth execution of the project and the safety of students, teachers, and visitors, adjustments will be made to the SGB premises. This includes relocating the main entrance to a designated location, signalling the start of several improvements to the outdoor area.

In addition, part of the parking will be temporarily relocated next to the current parking lot to ensure safety and convenience during the construction of the new school complex. Parties involved request understanding and cooperation during this transition period, crucial for enhancing the school building. After completing the SGB-MBO building, SGB and FPIB will continue improving the school complex with the construction of the new VMBO and SLP buildings, aiming to meet contemporary construction standards and technological requirements.


The project emphasizes sustainability and environmental friendliness for a healthy and green learning environment. Measures will also be taken to enhance school accessibility, including better infrastructure and facilities for people with disabilities. The new construction project is part of the education housing program designed in collaboration with local education authorities, reflecting an ambitious initiative to elevate the island’s education institutions’ infrastructure.

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