Kingdom Relations Committee pays working visit to Caribbean

THE HAGUE – From Sunday 5 May to Thursday 9 May 2024, the Kingdom Relations Committee of the House of Representatives of the States General will pay a working visit to Saba, St. Eustatius and Sint Maarten.

The working visit is dedicated to a first introduction of the new spokespersons with the islands. Subjects such as economic developments, sustainability, education, health care, housing and the history of slavery are discussed.

The delegation consists of the members of the House of Representatives:

W. Paulusma D66 (Chairman of the Standing Committee on Kingdom Relations)

J.P. van Haasen (PVV)

R.J. White (GroenLinks/PvdA)

I.J.M. Michon-Derkzen (VVD)

F.H. Bruyning (NSC)

At the beginning of 2025, the committee members plan to visit the other three islands of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom (Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire) in combination with the Interparliamentary Kingdom Consultation.

Brief overview of the programme:

Sunday 5 May – Travel Amsterdam-Sint Maarten-Saba.

Monday 6 May – Saba: meetings and visits regarding the subjects of economic development, housing, sustainability and connectivity.

Tuesday 7 May – St. Eustatius: meetings and visits regarding of health care, education and slavery history.

Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 May – Sint Maarten: meetings and visits regarding housing, reconstruction after hurricanes, economic development and social connectivity. Return journey to the Netherlands (arrival Friday).

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