Klaske Apperloo leaves Scholengemeenschap Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- The Board Chair of the Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB), Klaske Apperloo, is leaving the educational institution after a relatively short tenure with the organization. According to a press release from the SGB, Apperloo will continue her career elsewhere.

SGB states that Apperloo has made a valuable contribution to a number of themes that are important for the further development of quality at the SGB. The school expects to follow up on this.
Apperloo took up the position as Chair of the Board of Directors at the start of the 2022/2023 school year, succeeding former chairman Frans van Elferink.

For some time already, there seemed to be tensions between Apperloo and other organs within the school. On April 24, the Supervisory Board of the SGB announced that Apperloo would temporarily not appear at work, following unrest that had arisen over an intended dismissal of a MBO unit director. It now becomes clear that Apperloo will not be coming back to the institution.

Interim Management

According to the release, the management tasks will be temporarily carried out by the two unit directors who have been appointed for this purpose until the vacancies have been filled. The Supervisory Board confirms they will do their utmost to form a good Board of Directors as soon as possible.

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