Knops expresses support politicians after threats

Knops expresses support politicians after threats

KRALENDIJK – State Secretary Knops expressed disgust on Wednesday at the threat on Social Media of some authorities and politicians on Bonaire.

“I was horrified to learn of the threats made against a number of politicians on Bonaire. These threats are completely unacceptable, as well as undermining,” said Knops on Wednesday evening in a message addressed to Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna.


The State Secretary also says that he has offered Rijna support where necessary. Rijna has since reported the threat to judicial authorities and said he advised other victims to do the same. 

The spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office BES had no immediate comment on the incident on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, MPB leader Elvis Tjin Asjoe called on the Public Prosecution Service to take action. 

Wim van Huizen

The threats expressed by the fake Facebook profile Wim van Huizen are not new. Threats and accusations have been expressed before through the profile agaist several local politicians and authorities.

So far, the Public Prosecution Service seems to be either unwilling or unable to act against the threats via the fake Facebook profile. A striking detail is that authorities in the Netherlands take immediate action when politicians are threatened, and usually manages to discover the true identity of the culprits within a few days.

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