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Knops Shoots Down Proposed Directors for Bonaire Airport

Bonaire International Airport (BIA) seen from the air. Photo: Harald Linkels
BIA seen from the air

Bonaire International Airport (BIA) seen from the air. Photo: Harald Linkels

By René Zwart ©
The Hague – The appointment of the candidates nominated by the Executive Council for the Board of Directors of Bonaire International Airport (BIA) has been thwarted by State Secretary Raymond Knops, of the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations.

The Minister deems Franklin Antoin, Gerald Clarinda and Kumar-Tadvid Piar ‘unfit’ for the intended position and therefore refuses to issue the required ‘declaration of no objection’. Knops informed BC about his decision two weeks ago. The reason for the rejection is that the nomination conflicts with the Articles of Association of BIA, the Code of Corporate Governance Bonaire and the profile for the composition of the Supervisory Board.

“The curricula vitae does not show that any of the three nominated candidates has any managerial experience or has insight into the functioning of an NV”, writes Knops. According to Knops, Piar is the only one with a financial background and a university degree and therefore also the only one who meets the requirements for the Board in this respect but he lacks the required 7 years of experience in managing companies.

Antoin and Clarinda according to Knops are both experienced pilots, but in terms of knowledge and managerial experience do not meet the requirements, according to the letter sent to the Executive Council.

“The three candidates who together should form the new Supervisory Board, do not therefore, in my opinion, have an individual or joint opinion on the necessary knowledge and experience to supervise, approve and execute advisory tasks that a Board of Directors should carry out “, according to Knops’ conclusion.

Those involved may appeal to the Court of First Instance on Bonaire within six weeks but will first have to file a written objection with the State Secretary.

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