Koos Sneek looses trust in commitment to return to Full Democracy on St. Eustatius

Sneek, seen her on an archive photo, says he has really tried but is starting to loose hope in the good intentions of the Government Commissioners. 

ORANJESTAD- Councilman Koos Sneek from the List Sneek in an email to director Rene Bachus of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations expressed that in spite of what he describes as best efforts, he has now lost hope in the true intentions of Government Commissioner Alida Francis to return to full Democracy as soon as possible. 

Sneek copied both Commissioners on his mail, as well as the other members of the Island Council. Sneek seems to be irked by the process to come to a selection of an Accountant for the Public Entity and especially the contents of the task at hand. 

“I have taken note of the options for the accountants and the attached engagement letter. Mainly as a result of the latter, I have decided to no longer participate in the discussion in order to arrive at a moment when the intervention is closed and when the Island Council regains its normal responsibilities”, according to Sneek

Sneek writes that in particular, the terms of reference drawn up unilaterally by the Government commissioner once again prove that there is no intention at all to confront the island council and to work towards the return of its powers as of March 2023, the date on which the next elections will take place.

“This is not an isolated fact. It concerns an accumulation of obstacles with the aim of slowing down the democratic process on our island. Well-substantiated Council proposals are either brushed aside or simply ignored. Contrary to the Özütoc motion, without consultation with the Island Council, the government commissioner unilaterally presented a route timetable to the House of Representatives. Wrong and downright incorrect information was shared with the Second Chamber in official reports, which erroneously painted an incorrect and negative picture of the Council and its members. This apparently all had the purpose of showing that this island council (and even the future one) is incapable of guaranteeing proper governance. I am of course speaking for myself here, but I also feel personally held accountable for this”, according to Sneek. 


Sneek also indicates that informally he had already indicated that for him a date later than March 2023 for return to Full Democracy would be politically unacceptable. “We cannot go into elections again and let the voter elect an island council, which cannot fully represent him/her. I do not understand that the State Secretary (reference is made to Van Huffelen), herself a politician, is not being understood as a cue to urge the Government Commissioner to make more speed”.

Sneek terminates his lengthy email stating that according to him ‘it is simply astonishing that three sets of government commissioners have now taken office, who will have been trying for five years in March 2023 to put things in order within a government organization no larger than that of a medium-sized company’.

Sneek also comes to the conclusion that it is not so much the Island Council that is not functioning. “It is the institute of government commissioner directed by the Ministry of the Interior, who has not been able to put things in order within an acceptable time frame”.

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