KPCN and OLB will warn and fine for stray dogs

KRALENDIJK – The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), supported by the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN), will take tougher action against straying dogs.

The OLB indicates that it has been indicated in previous communications that more attention will be paid to tackling the broad dog problem. Following this, from the end of this month, efforts will be made to warn and fine owners who let their dog(s) run loose without supervision.

Enforcers from the OLB and KPCN officers will be working together to tackle the dog problem. Their focus is on encouraging good dog ownership and reducing biting incidents by dogs that run off leash without supervision. Measures are implemented on the basis of the current dog regulation. A fine is $90.


The OLB also points out that the dog must have a safe place at the house. A well-fenced garden is the most ideal. But that doesn’t always work. Dog owners are called upon to ensure that their four-legged friend has a good shady spot, a drinking and feeding bowl within reach and a safe leash.

In the information campaign under the heading ‘my dog, my responsibility’ tips are given that can contribute to good dog ownership. For more information, visit 

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