KPCN Chief Irked About Anonymous Accusations

The Chief of KPCN, would like to see certain adjustments to the way officers are remunerated and promoted. Photo: KPCN.
KPCN - Josy Rosales

Rosales is unhappy with (anonymous) accusations about preferential treatment of Dutch officers over the local ones.

Kralendijk- Chief of the Police for the BES-islands, Jose Rosales, is unhappy about accusations made in an anonymous letter, stating that Dutch police officers are treated different from the local ones.

Specifically, the letter signed ‘on behalf of local police officers’ asserts that during the recent ‘Corps Week’, the deputy Commissioner of Police, allowed a minor to fire his licensed gun during a shooting event. Something, according to the writers of the letter, is against all regulations.

According to the letter, Rosales has not undertaken any action against said deputy, because he is a European Dutch person. In a similar case, where a local police officer allowed his child to hold his fire arm, sever measures were taken against the officer in question, nearly leading to his dismissal, according to the disgruntled officers.

Rosales by means of a press release sent to the local media, denies the allegations. The police chief said he regretted the sending of such anonymous letters. “There are strict criteria for police officers, when it comes to professional behavior and integrity”, according to Rosales in the press statement.

Rosales also assured that in case of any violation, he would be the one to order an internal investigation and if such investigation found any wrong-doing, disciplinary measures would be taken against the person in question, no matter who they were.

It is not the first times that allegations of favoritism by Rosales have been brought forward by local police officers, who feel that their Dutch counter parts are, in general, held to lower standards than is the case with the local officers.

In his press release Rosales seemed to also criticize local press for writing about the letter in question, but this was later specifically denied by the spokesperson for KPCN. “Mr. Rosales is unhappy about the anonymous letter, but not about the press writing about it”, according to the spokesperson in conversation with ABC Online Media director Sylvia de Leon.

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