KPCN Cybercrime Department Urges Parents to Help Combat Cyberbullying

KRALENDIJK – The Cybercrime Department of the Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland (KPCN) has issued a call to parents to help prevent and combat cyberbullying.

The department has received an increasing number of reports about social media accounts where young people accuse, insult, and make nasty comments about each other. Digital bullying can cause a great deal of distress for the victim, just like any other form of bullying. In fact, it often has an even greater impact than offline bullying and can have far-reaching consequences.

Cyberbullies often hide behind screens and usernames, but parents can take action against online bullying and even prevent it before it occurs. Therefore, the Cybercrime Department of the KPCN is appealing to parents to intervene.

Is cyberbullying illegal? Cyberbullying is illegal when it is considered a threat, discrimination, or defamation. Therefore, it is possible to report cyberbullying and even file a complaint. The Cybercrime Department of the KPCN is currently investigating the social media accounts in question and will take serious consequences against the perpetrators.

The department believes that it is crucial to tackle cyberbullying and protect young people from its harmful effects. The department encourages parents to take a proactive role in preventing cyberbullying and to work with them to ensure the online safety of their children. Parents can report cyberbullying by sending an email to or by calling 715 8000 and asking for the Cybercrime Department.

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