KPCN: First major deployment by Team Financial Economic Crime and Team Digital Investigation

KRALENDIJK – At the beginning of this year, the Dutch Caribbean Police Force received reports of alleged fraud within a rental company located on the Kaya International. This company focuses on the rental of homes on behalf of their owners for both the long and short (vacation) term. The newly established Financial Economic Crime (FinEC) team initiated an investigation. The investigation found that there was sufficient cause to suspect the company of fraud and forgery.

On Monday, the 10th of October, 2022, the FinEC team in cooperation with the Digital Investigation Team (TDO) of the KPCN, under the direction of the examining magistrate and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, conducted a search of the offices of the company, the home of the (former) owner, and a storage container and administrative office associated with the case. In the process, various administrative documents were seized and digital traces were secured. The FinEC team is further investigating the case.

Global growth and development in the financial field, thus also developments in financial crime requires knowledge development and increased cooperation in Financial Economic Crime (FINEC) networks. The KPCN has established the FINEC unit with task holders and hopes that this development will strengthen financial investigation and make the Caribbean Netherlands safer.

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