KPCN with more controls around activities until year-end

Photo: ABC Online Media Archive

KRALENDIJK- The Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) wants to carry out more security checks in the events that will take place until the end of the year.

“During the coming period until the holidays at the end of December, various events and activities are planned on Bonaire. One of the duties of the police is to maintain order where necessary. That is why regular checks will take place more regularly in the coming period. Among other things, it will be checked on the end time of the issued permits for these events and other matters,” said a letter from KPCN.

The police also call on event organizers to take their own responsibility and to ensure that matters, such as permits, are in order. KPCN also says it would like to work together with parties involved to ensure that everything goes according to the rules. In the same breath, they also announced that aggression or verbal abuse against officers will not be tolerated.

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