Large-scale Sargassum Influx Threatens Bonaire’s costs again

Sorobon en Lagoen opnieuw vol sargassum
Marine Park Rangers and volunteers removing in the Lac Bay area. Photo: STINAPA

Kralendijk- A large-scale Sargassum influx is once again threatens sea life on Bonaire’s North Cost. While STINAPA is handling the situation as good as they can, extra pairs of hands are more than welcome.

According to Marine Park Manager Judith Raming, some preventative measures have made the situation more manageable. The Nature Organization however expects that the influx will continue well into next week.


While many volunteers are already lending a hand, the STINAPA says that more help is always welcome. Volunteers can report to the area around Foodies, between 8 and 11 AM. The sargassum is taken out of the water was much as possible, but needs to be spread out to dry.

Volunteers are asked to bring their own dive-shoes, a cap and protective gloves.

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