Last working day for Commissioner Nina den Heyer 

Nina den Heyer tijdens een persconferentie in oktober | Archieffoto OLB

KRALENDIJK – On Friday, Commissioner Nina den Heyer had her last working day as a member of the Executive Council of Bonaire.

Den Heyer will be the new head of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on Bonaire. Den Heyer says she would like to thank all the people she worked with as a deputy. “It was a fun experience from which I learned a lot. Although I was not able to achieve everything I wanted, I am still happy that I was able to contribute to the governance of the island,” says Den Heyer.

Den Heyer also says she is pleased that she will be able to dedicate herself to the public interest, also in her new position.


The deputy previously said that the political arena turned out to be less suitable for her. She also expressed disappointment at various times in the cooperation of the Cabinet in The Hague to work on, among other things, the poverty problem and the establishment of a realistic social minimum.

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