Laura Quast is the winner of the 2021 Outstanding Woman Award

On the picture from at left 2021 Outstanding Woman Laura Quast with the symbolic high heel shoe, an artistic expression to show how high this Outstanding Woman stood and organizer Reyna Joe.

Willemstad – The 16th Outstanding Woman Award was presented during the 18th Annual Female Leadership Conference to Laura Lucille Quast.

Laura Lucille Quast made a name in history as an outstanding theatrical person. She started her career as a teacher preferring to work in districts with lesser financial opportunities. Laura was a great book promoter. She learned her pupils how to love reading and storytelling. Laura also taught her pupils the power of expression and loved to act with them.

In 1973 Laura Quast made the big jump and went to study theatre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Besides graduating cum laude as a drama teacher, she also passed her specializations in didactics, direction, and dramaturgy.

In 1980 Laura Quast returned to Curaçao and went to work as a drama teacher at the Pedagogical Academy Curaçao (PA), where expression subjects were no more than supporting subjects. Laura did the impossible, by working tirelessly until she achieved that drama, music, and visual arts were given the status of fully-fledged exam subjects in the curriculum of the Pedagogical Academy of Curaçao.

From the year 2000, Laura Quast started developing and introducing drama to learn the language (drama teaching in language learning) on Curaçao and Aruba. To date, Laura has been developing drama and language for the curriculum for the 2nd-degree program Papiamentu and Dutch at the University of Curaçao. Laura herself also gives lessons to these Bachelor students.

Laura Quast attaches great importance to the cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development of people: Reason for her to get a university degree in her mother language Papiamentu in order to assist her people even more directly.

More elaborate information about the 2021 Outstanding Woman Laura Quast will be posted on the Facebook page ‘About Female Leadership’.

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