Letter to the Editor:

The suspect was detained after he severely beat and wounded his ex-girlfriend with a machete. Photo: BES-Reporter

As a happily retired United States police officer living in Bonaire, I’d like to comment on the KPCN story. 

Removing the ability of off-duty officers to remain armed is a terrible policy. Officers must be prepared to intervene to protect others (including themselves) even during an off-duty status. The 2 incidents involving KPCN officers being involved in fights and public drunkenness speaks to a discipline issue in the Corps which needs to be addressed with robust internal investigations, public prosecutions, and/or terminations. 

This Isidor Lo-A-Njoe admits in the radio interview of an issue of daily incidents. Preventing officers from being able to 100% carry out their sworn duties is bad policy.

Charles Rohre


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