Letter to the Editor:

With the rapid growth of the population, the problem of car wrecks is only getting bigger. Photo: ABC Online Media

Driving around Bonaire daily, we all can see abandoned ‘junk’ cars left in the Kunuku and around the streets.  This is a big problem for the island that left ‘unchecked’ will badly damage Bonaire as a ‘green destination’ and lower real estate property values.  It’s a problem that concerns all of us who love Bonaire and want to see it thrive.

It was nice to recently read that the island government is also interested in this problem and we all hope they will take positive steps soon to address this problem. 

I understand that in the Netherlands, in Europe, there are very efficient and have excellent methods and regulations regarding the recycling of cars. Perhaps Bonaire could study and start to adopt some of these procedures and begin a project to help clear the island of its ‘junk’/abandoned cars.

If you would be interested to volunteer some time to help organize such an effort, I invite you to send an email with the subject: Bonaire Junk Cars to:  We are a small volunteer group interested in doing what we can to get this important project started and eventually running successfully.

Anthony Holland

Belnem, Bonaire

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