Local company contracted to assist with promotion Statia’s tourism

ORANJESTAD- St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation has joined forces with a local company to promote the island and attract new visitors.

Devocean Pictures is providing marketing content for Statia including images, videos, and blog posts. The collaboration will ensure that current and relevant information about the island is available on an ongoing basis. 

The first video and blog post about the island was published on March 20, 2023 St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation’s website. Entitled “Discover Statia: From Lower Town Oranjestad up to the Quill National Park,” the blog and accompanying video details various hiking trails that the island is known for along with the history and nature hikers will encounter along the way such as Fort Oranje, Oranje Bay, hummingbirds and iguanas. Much of the information on the island will come from people living there to give a firsthand perspective on what makes St. Eustatius such a magnificent place to live and visit.   

Youri and Nicki

Devocean Pictures is owned by Yoeri and Nicki, a couple living in St. Eustatius. Yoeri and Nicki find joy in sharing their love of the ocean and beauty all around through visual storytelling. Their videos, images and blogs on St. Eustatius will be available at 

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