Local End of the Year Traditions

Kralendijk – End-of-year celebration is the most popular period of the year. Our ancestors then came together to share their fun memories with each other, but before the visit, the necessary traditional preparations had to take place. The table was covered with dishes and the house was cleaned with incense in anticipation of the New Year. Nowadays all these customs have become traditions. 

Upcoming Saturday December 29 there will be the last edition of the cultural event “Nos Zjilea” for the year 2018 at Cultural Park Mangazina di Rei. This time with the theme “Traditions of New Year”. Victor Felida will give a presentation on how a delicious traditional dish of pork ears should be prepared for as a local delicacy for the New Year. 

Cleaning the house is not only mopping and sweeping but also driving away the evil spirits to welcome the New Year with all the good things it brings. Leticia “Letty” Beaumont will tell us what you should take into account when cleaning your house. 

As always, you can enjoy the dance couple Donny & Monique Winklaar and of course you can also participate yourself. All this in a cozy atmosphere with a “live” performance by the local band “Grupo Tutti Fruti” which comes to share their hits of the year with us, but also there will be special songs for the occasion.

A visit to the “Nos Zjilea” is of course not complete without a visit to our breathtaking area exhibition about the culture and nature of the area Rincon. Highly recommended. At the local market you can taste and admire various local fresh produce such as “strop’i kalbas”, locally produced natural fruit juices “Made in Rincon”, local delicacies, local art, and much more. You can also enjoy various local dishes.

We will be happy to see you on ‘Nos Zjilea’, the cultural event of Bonaire, on this Saturday the 29th of December from 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. For more information you can visit the facebook fanpage of Mangazina di Rei.

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