Locally produced meat products gather steam on Saba

Participants to a recently held butchery workshop on the island. Photo: Martin Hovius

THE BOTTOM- Local veterinarian on Saba, Martin Hovius is proud of recent achievements when it comes to local meat production on Saba. 

“We’ve had two busy months, but with appropriate pride, I can report that local (goat) meat production has commenced on Saba. With the help of many (volunteers, (local) hunters, and guides), we’ve managed to get the slaughterhouse, which has been here for some time, operational and create a flow of goats towards the slaughterhouse”, writes Hovius on his LinkedIn Page. 

According to the local vet, with the assistance of Herman Terweele, a self-slaughtering wild butcher from the Netherlands, three local individuals were trained in processing meat into multiple products that have been successfully sold at the local market for several weeks now. 

Saba hamburger

According to Hovius, the never-before-produced Saba hamburger, Marquez sausages, and various other meat products are now making their way to the local population and restaurants.

Locally produced goat hamburgers are quickly frozen to guarantee freshness. Photo: Martin Hovius
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