Lots of questions about electric scooters placed along roads Bonaire

The Scooters have been placed in various strategic locations, but seem largely untouched so far. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – Many residents are reacting with surprise to the appearance of groups of electric scooters grouped at strategic locations on the island. 

The scooters, about which the initiators have so far disclosed little or nothing, are rented through the company Hopp Bonaire. According to a website of the Icelandic creator of the Hopp scooter, it is considered an environmentally friendly response to the mobility issue. Starting the scooter, which can be done with a special Hopp app, costs 1 dollar. An additional fee is charged for each minute the scooter is used.

It is not immediately clear from the information on the Facebook page of the company Hopp Bonaire who is behind the operation on Bonaire. The international Hopp organization offers the scooters through a franchise formula in several places around the world.


Questions are being raised, among others, on social media about the extent to which the scooters are allowed on the roads in Bonaire. There are also comments about traffic safety and other aspects related to the use of electric scooters. On most of the local road network, there are no separate lanes for, for example, cyclists or mopeds. Riding on the main road, along with all other traffic, can therefore create dangerous situations, not to mention the poor condition of the roads.

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