Low Cost Carrier Wingo restarts flights to Curaçao

Willemstad- Low Cost carrier Wingo Airlines, daughter company of Panamanian COPA Airlines is returning on the route between Bogotá in Colombia and Curaçao and the Colombian capital Bogotá.

The first flight is scheduled for October 6, 2021. While the carrier offers no flights to Bonaire, Wingo’s flights are popular among many on Bonaire because of their low fares.

The company was executing 2 flights per week before the start of the Covid-pandemic. Interestingly Wingo returend to neigboring Aruba already a year ago. Flights to Curaçao were announced a few times, but postponed again at least twice. This time the restart of Wingo’s flights seem to be serious.

The carier has sent out various statements for the restart of the flights.


According to a press release the company is not only looking to retunr with the previous two weekly flights, but is even looking at increasing that number.

“From now on, we are exploring increasing the number of weekly flights between Bogotá and Curaçao because we know that the market response will be positive. Travelers know us and know that the low prices to fly to this Caribbean paradise are found here”, says Juan Sebastián Molano. He is Communication Manager at the low cost carrier.

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