Lucia Beck will become Program Manager for Slavery Reparations in the Caribbean Region

Beck has stood at the Helm of RCN’s Communication department for 12 years. Photo: Lucia Beck

KRALENDIJK/DEN HAAG- Starting March 1, 2024, Lucia Beck, Head of Communication at the Caribbean Netherlands National Service, will embark on a new challenge as Program Manager for Slavery Reparations in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

For Beck, this is not unfamiliar territory, given her involvement in this process for almost two years. “I see it as an honor to, on behalf of the Directorate-General of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations, implement the first concrete step after the apologies of December 19, 2022, together with her new team and for the residents of the six islands.”

Additionally, Beck will support the Dutch Representation in Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten with their repositioning.

Beck has been the manager of the Communication Department at the Caribbean Netherlands National Service (RCN) for over 13 years. Since her appointment in 2011, the department has grown from three to sixteen communication professionals.


Beck says in a personal message that she looks back with satisfaction on her time at RCN and the milestones achieved during that time through her efforts, including a good relationship with the press.

For the time being, Beck’s position at RCN will be filled by Cora Knopper, who has also been working within the department for some time.

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