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Lucky Supermarket with new sign and more space

Lucky Supermarket, one of no less than 7 supermarkets on the Kaya Industria is becoming much bigger. The supermarket also put up a new sign.

Kralendijk- Lucky Supermarket, one of no less than in total 7 supermarkets in Kaya Industria is expanding considerably on its present location. The size of the existing supermarket will be about doubled. The Chinese Supermarket has now also put up a new and much bigger sign, making it better visible for those driving on the Kaya Industria.

Recently the supermarket capacity on the Kaya Industria had already increased with the opening of the newly built and now much bigger Bondigro Supermarket. Construction is also ongoing at Warehouse Supermarket which is re-branding itself as a low-cost supermarket in what looks as an attempt to be better able to compete with Bondigro. Lucky Supermarket assumes a mid-range position between the low cost and the higher-end supermarkets on the island. One of the stronger points of the supermarket is the availability of fresh produce.

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