LVV Bonaire makes plots available for Agriculture

Kralendijk- LVV Bonaire has made a first plot of land available for agricultural purposes.

The of Bonaire Government is grow 50% of the fruit and vegetables we eat on Bonaire locally. The first step in making this vision come true, has recently been taken at LVV. LVV has made 12 lots available on which “kunukero’s” can grow vegetables and crops.

The first lot was recently issued to Bonaire Daily Fresh. Deputy Kroon, project manager LVV Maurice Adriaens and director of R&D Marlon Martina were present for the first official issue of a lot.


Bonaire Daily Fresh grows vegetables using greenhouses and aquaponics. Aquaponics is a method in which the farming of fish is combined with the cultivation of vegetables and crops.

Over the next six months, LVV will be working with OLB and WEB on the construction and commissioning of the new system. The greenhouses and aquaponics system is estimated to produce more than 12,400 pounds of vegetables and 3,000 pounds of fish per year.


According to Maurice Adriaens, the start of this project is a historic moment. LVV Boneiru will encourage even more such great projects in the near future. Anyone interested in a plot to grow agricultural products can contact Maurice Adriaens by telephone number 717– 6734.

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