LVV Bonaire will grow grass for animal feed

LVV Bonaire will grow grass for animal feed
Employees of LVV seen here working on the new irrigation system. Photo: LVV

KRALENDIJK- The Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Service (LVV) on Bonaire is making progress in the construction of a new irrigation system.

The irrigation system is needed, among other things, for planting grass that will serve as animal feed. The island has been trying for some time to achieve a higher local production of both vegetables and meat. One of the challenges is that the import of feed for the animals is expensive, while locally there is not too much production of plants which can serve as animal feed.


The irrigation system that is being built comes from Israel. The system is installed at a depth of 30 centimeters underground and uses 30% less water than more traditional systems.

The field that will be used for planting the grass is 3 hectares.

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