LVV intern Ray van Dijk experiments with cultivation of Oyster Mushrooms on Bonaire

One of the samples, cultivated during the study. Photo: LVV

KRALENDIJK- Intern Ray van Dijk is currently experimenting with the cultivation of oyster mushrooms on the island at the Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries department.

Van Dijk, who grew up on Bonaire studied Biology, where he mainly studied plants and fungi. He now wants to share this knowledge with LVV Bonaire. The intention is to grow the fungi in a sustainable way, which is therefore beneficial for the island.

Oyster mushrooms can grow on many different substrates such as straw, coffee grounds, but also on cardboard. Van Dijk noticed that cardboard is not yet recycled locally, which gave him the idea of ​​growing the fungi on recycled cardboard.


Van Dijk has already entered the second phase of his research, in a space made available by LVV. The intern is also working on a cultivation manual so that the fungi can be produced on a larger scale on the island in the future.

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