LVV organizes meeting for goat and sheep farmers

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KRALEDNIK- The Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) project is organizing two meetings to inform goat and sheep farmers about the Identification and Registration System (I&R system).

The meetings will take place on 2 and 4 August from 13:30 to 15:30. There is room for a maximum of 20 people per meeting.

The I&R system is a combination of registering goats and sheep online and earmarking them. In this way all information about the animal is recorded. This helps to establish ownership and prevent inbreeding in the animals. During the meetings, LVV will demonstrate how goat and sheep farmers can register their animals online and how they can earmark the animals.


LVV calls on goat and sheep farmers to reserve a place quickly so that they can attend. Interested parties can reserve a place by calling: 717 8836 or 717 6734. You can also visit the LVV office to reserve a place. In case of a high number of registrations, LVV will schedule additional meetings.

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