M21 calls on voters Nina den Heyer

KRALENDIJK – The political movement M21 of council lady Daisy Coffie makes a serious appeal to the voters of former commissioner and former MBP politician Nina den Heyer to cast a vote for the pink party.

According to Coffie, she also supported commissioner Den Heyer in her policy and in particular the social dossiers, at times when Den Heyer was not always supported by her own party.

Coffie also says that she wants to continue to support Den Heyer’s action points, including setting the Social Minimum, raising the minimum wage, better childcare and numerous other action points.

“We are convinced that these are concrete points that we can realize in the coming term. To achieve these goals, we at M21 must have a strong voice in the Island Council and in the governance of our island,” says Coffie.


Coffie says she is calling on voters to support her party. “This is why I appeal to the entire population, and in particular to Nina’s more than 1,000 voters, to give us their convincing support so that Nina’s work can continue and be completed,” said Coffie.

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