M21: Commissioner Thielman acted unethically and should apologize

KRALENDIJK – The political party M21, represented by its leader Daisy Coffie, has stated that Commssioner Hennyson Thielman of Infrastructure violated the law and acted unethically. The party calls on Thielman to publicly apologize for his actions.

Coffie’s criticism is related to the fact that a company associated with Thielman, Hype Event Planner, organized activities in a building without the necessary construction permit. Thielman denied allegations in the island council that the company lacked the required permits, dismissing them as “local politics.”

However, Thielman went further by challenging the Island Governor to investigate the matter. The results of the investigation, released on September 5, confirm that the said company indeed lacks a construction permit.

“Commissioner Thielman has caused confusion and created a false impression among both the Island Council and the people of Bonaire by bluffing and asking the Island Governor to investigate the status of their permits, while the deputy was well aware that their company did not have a construction permit for the mentioned location,” Coffie stated.

Against the Law

Coffie argues that Thielman’s conduct is not only unethical but also in violation of the law. What makes the case even more significant, according to the leader of the M21 party, is that the Deputy of Infrastructure is responsible for issuing the permits in question, which immediately raises concerns of potential conflicts of interest.

“Is it a serious matter? The answer is ‘yes,’ because it involves a violation of our rules with the knowledge of the Commissioner,” Coffie added.

According to Coffie, Thielman has no option other than to publicly apologize for the mistake and then assess the extent of his support within the island’s parliament.

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