M21: Definitely room for two laboratories and four pharmacies on Bonaire

López-Natera fears scaling down to just one laboratory on the island will impact service provided to residents. Photo: M21

KRALENDIJK – Taking into account the population growth in recent years, there is certainly room for two laboratories and four pharmacies on Bonaire. At least that is the opinion of Carlos López – Natera, candidate for political party M21.

“In 2010, Bonaire had approximately 15,000 inhabitants. At that time there were three pharmacies and one laboratory. As part of the change process and with a population of almost 23,000, there are currently four pharmacies and two laboratories,” said López-Natera.

According to the M21 candidate, many residents believe that the services provided by laboratories and pharmacies are not sufficient. “Considering the determination to close BonLab on the one hand and the constant changes in pharmacy opening hours on the other, we can say that major mistakes are being made in these two areas that unfortunately negatively affect the quality of affect the lives of the entire population”.


López-Natera fears that the closure of BonLab will cause the services of the one laboratory that remains to collapse. “Centralization in a single place will result in excessive demand and reinforcement of monopoly.”

López-Natera points out that in the case of pharmacies, it is an open secret that the current working method causes a lot of inconvenience and irritation to clients. “Long waiting times and changing opening hours without prior notice have become commonplace and they are also not very functional, which causes a lot of inconvenience.

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