M21 is concerned about the situation at the Bonaire landfill

KRALENDIJK – The political party M21 is concerned about the situation on the landfill. It concerns concerns about nuisance, but also concerns about possible negative consequences for the health of local residents.

Although, according to the pink party, the work was done in a rather primitive way at first, the commissioning of a waste incinerator has created new problems. In the meantime, various people who live close to the landfill are said to have concrete health problems.

According to M21, the ombudsman has also mediated before, but waste processor Selibon does not comply with the agreements.


The party has now sent a number of written questions to the Executive Council, in order to be better informed about the exact situation. For example, M21 wants to know exactly what information is available at the BC. She also wants to know whether the BC intends to conduct further research into possible health effects of residents who live close to the landfill.

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