M21 members deny rupture with party

While some candidates have indeed withdrawn from the party, others have pledged their support for the party and party leader Daisy Coffie. Photo: Archive M21

KRALENDIJK – Several candidates from the pink party, M21, led by party leader Daisy Coffie, deny that they have left or are leaving the party. 

The rumors started circulating after the number 2 candidate on the pink list, Bernard Landwier, announced his departure from the party. A local radio station reported what they described as a true exodus from M21. Various party candidates, including Norbert Tadema, Angelo Engelhart, and Benrick Martis, have stated in writing on Wednesday that they are still members of the party and stand in solidarity with party leader Daisy Coffie. 


“I am surprised to hear that it is being said that I have left the party. That is not true at all. I am and remain a member of this party, and party leader Coffie has my full support,” writes Benrick Martis in a press release. Similar sentiments are expressed by several other candidates.

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