Made-in-Statia Gets Historic Airplane

A crane was needed to place the donated plane at its new location. Photo: Made in Statia

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Made-in-Statia in the near future will have a unique attraction in the form of the plane of the former captain Jose “Pipe” Dormoy. Jose Dormoy’s widow, Ellie, decided to donate the plane to the company as an inspiration to the youth.

The removal and placement of the plane from the FDR airport was not an easy task, but was still achieved with the assistance of GTI Statia, GEC and airport management.

Made-in-Statia director Taro Merkman said he was deeply grateful for all involved to make the project possible. He also noted that the plane was still ‘off-limit’ to the general public until some final preparations have been made for those wanting to see the plane.

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