Major Infrastructure Project Launched to Improve Orange Bay Road

The ground-breaking on Orange Bay Road Tuesday morning. Photo: Statia Government

ORANJESTAD – The long-awaited ground-breaking ceremony for the reconstruction of Orange Bay road took place on Wednesday morning, marking a significant milestone in the island’s infrastructure development. 

The ambitious project, valued at US$5.5 million and funded by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, aims to enhance connectivity and ensure smoother traffic flow in St. Eustatius.

The comprehensive plan entails the repaving of approximately one kilometer of road, along with the beautification of the surrounding area. Divided into two phases, the first phase focuses on renovating the section stretching from the historic slave path to the Stucco water plant. Subsequently, attention will shift to the recently constructed hairpin at Kingswell, completing the transformation of this vital transportation route.


Scheduled to commence on July 1st, the project is estimated to span a duration of 14 months. Statia Construction, renowned for its expertise in infrastructure development, has been entrusted with the task of bringing this vision to fruition.

During the construction period, access to the road will be maintained to minimize disruptions for commuters and residents. However, it is advised that road users anticipate some inconveniences as necessary adjustments are made to ensure a safe working environment.

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