Makana cancels Ferry Runs for 5th Consecutive Day

MV Niki V
Initially the route on Thursday would have been covered by the Niki V, but appearantly has -once again- been cancelled. Photo: Government of Saba.

ORANJESTAD/THE BOTTOM- In spite of a press release on Wednesday early afternoon, confirming that the Niki V would execute the normal runs between St. Eustatius, Saba and St. Maarten on Thursday, December 23th, the BES-Reporter has now confirmed that all trips have been cancelled again.

This makes the fifth consecutive day the maritime connection will not be executed. Ironically, the press release by the Governments of Saba and Statia, noting that the Public Service Obligation (PSO) was ‘guaranteeing’ the connection by means of the ferry service.

No details have been made public, as to why Thursday’s trips were, once again, cancelled.

The Makana on Thursday afternoon had not yet updated their Facebook Page or the notifications on the website, but the news was confirmed by Saba C-Transport which sent out a notification to customers holding a reservation for the 23rd.

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