Makana Ferry tickets can now be bought online

Makana Ferry tickets can now be bought online

THE BOTTOM- Operator of the Makana Ferry, Blues & Blues has announced that tickets for the service can now be bought online in their own booking platform. 

Blues and Blues Ltd is the recipient of a grant from the Public Entities of Saba and Statia to support the provision of regular connectivity between the islands. The ferry service commenced on December 1st 2021, and over the past 4 months the company worked behind the scenes to develop a custom built booking engine. The web developer is Anguilla based Thoughtful Digital Agency. 


Mr. Samuel Connor stated “the completion of the booking engine represents another step of many we are committed to making as we move forward to build a strong, user-friendly and resilient ferry trade between the islands. According to the Makana Operations Manager Alvaro Connor, the company plans to add the island of St. Kitts in the very near future. 

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